Insight Series Online

Insight Series Online

For the last three years, the Institute of Positive Education has hosted a wide range of experts from Australia and around the world who have shared their stories and wisdom with the Geelong Grammar community and beyond through our Insight Series of public lectures. Over the coming months, we will be continuing these events in an online format, via Zoom Webinar. 

Untangling Gratitude and Resentment with Dr Kerry Howells
27 October 2021, 7.30pm (AEDT)

 Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the positive benefits of gratitude on our physical, emotional and social wellbeing. However, many of us wonder how exactly we can feel grateful when, more often we feel the exact opposite: resentful.These large and small resentments – the feeling that a sibling was favoured, that a partner doesn’t contribute to the housework, that a workmate was promoted unfairly, and so on – can keep simmering away, robbing us of joy, and wreaking havoc on our health, relationships and workplaces. 

This October, we invite you to join Dr Kerry Howells for a special Insight Series Online event, where she discusses her new book, Untangling You: How can I be grateful when I feel so resentful. Dr Howells will share strategies that will allow participants to reframe gratitude as a step-by-step lifelong practice, untangle difficult relationships, grow their resilience, and ultimately lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

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