Deep Dive Online Workshops

Deep Dive Online Workshops

In these challenging times, the wellbeing of school communities around the world is of utmost importance. The Institute is pleased to now be able to present some of our most popular workshops in a live, interactive, online format, using the Zoom Meeting platform, at the discounted price of AUD$165 (including GST).

The workshops below provide a deep dive into specific Positive Education concepts. For a chronological list of upcoming workshops, please see our Eventbrite page. We also have a range of Foundation workshops available, which provide an introduction and overview to Positive Education.

Exploring Character Strengths (Online Workshop) 

Every day we act using our character strengths: saying hello to students walking by (kindness), picking up rubbish in the yard (leadership) or thanking a colleague for their help (gratitude).

Character strengths form a central part of our Geelong Grammar School Positive Education model because using these capacities helps us to flourish, overcome challenges and nurture our relationships.

Our one-day course explores the language and framework of the VIA Character Strength classification, enabling you to more deeply understand, use and implement these resources in your school and improve wellbeing among students and teachers.

More dates coming soon.

The Science of Achievement (Online Workshop)

In this half-day online workshop, you will explore the latest scientific thinking and evidence, from the field of positive psychology, as to what causes student achievement and how we, as front-line educators, can shape our classrooms to offer every student the opportunity to flourish.

This workshop will explore and interrogate the three key scientific concepts of mindset, grit and hope theory. Emerging research and effective implementation strategies will be discussed, as well as practical classroom application. Participants will be encouraged to reflect upon how they may most effectively apply the concepts within their own unique school setting.

More dates coming soon.

Leading Positive Education (Online Workshop) 

Leading Positive Education is a half-day online workshop with the Institute of Positive Education's inaugural Director, Justin Robinson, which has been designed specifically for school leaders who are dedicated to leveraging emerging wellbeing science and best-practice from around the world to help navigate these challenging times.

Each of the four parts of this workshop will focus on one of the four key processes underpinning positive education: Learn, Live, Teach, Embed.

Through discussion, sharing, and reflection, school leaders will leave this workshop with a broadened perspective and a range of practical strategies and tips to help best support the wellbeing in their school communities.

More dates coming soon.

Optimising Resilience (Online Workshop) 

As students and educators around the world continue to experience disruption and changes to their learning environments due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our resilience will be tested. Resilience is a skill that we can develop in ourselves and nurture in others. More than 50 years of psychological and neurological research has helped us gain a better understanding of the mechanisms underpinning resilience and the strategies that we can practise to become more resilient.

The goal of this half-day interactive, online workshop is to help you gain a deeper insight in the psychology and neurology of resilience and to learn and practise an evidence-based set of skills and techniques specifically designed to help you, your colleagues, and your students better manage the challenges inherent in the current school environment, and in our lives more broadly.

More dates coming soon.

Finding Flow (Online Workshop)

Our brain is amazing, but we have only a small amount of attentional capacity. Much of the time, we divide our attention across multiple tasks or our ‘default mode network’ gently allows our mind to wander. And this isn’t a problem – we can still perform okay as an educator or a student. But when the conditions are right, when we are driven purposefully by something that matters to us, when the challenge of a task perfectly matches our ability, we have the chance to enter a state of ultimate focus called ‘flow’. When in flow, time dilates, fear and worry disappear, we become acutely focussed on a task – and human performance is massively enhanced.

This one-day workshop unpacks the psychology, neurophysiology, and neurochemistry of flow to help educators better understand how to leverage this state in their own lives and in their classrooms.

More dates coming soon.

Positive Sport (Online Workshop)

Sport is not really about winning trophies. It is much more important than that. When harnessed well, especially with children, sport may well be the ultimate wellbeing intervention.

This half-day workshop not only explores the purpose of sport in schools, but also provides participants with an opportunity to try activities and techniques derived from the latest research from psychology, neuroscience and kinesiology that are designed to optimise performance both individually and across a team.

This workshop is suitable for educators involved in sport at their schools, community sport volunteers, as well as experienced, credentialed coaches.

More dates coming soon.