Purchase PEEC Access

Here at the Institute of Positive Education, our desire is to help schools place wellbeing at the heart of education. Therefore, when it comes to our Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum (PEEC), we want to help schools ensure they are best positioned to successfully engage in explicit Positive Education lessons.  

Although we believe teaching Positive Education concepts to our students is of vital importance, it is only one aspect of a whole school approach, as described by our ‘Learn, Live, Teach, Embed’ model. See the Institute of Positive Education website for more information about how we can further support your school's Positive Education journey.

Prices below exclude GST and set-up fees. To view the full fees before proceeding, please see our Pricing page. If you would like to purchase access to extra or individual year levels, please contact us at: institutecurriculum@ggs.vic.edu.au.

If you require a manual invoice for a bank transfer, please contact institutecurriculum@ggs.vic.edu.au. Please note that there is a $50 dollar administration fee per invoice.