Mi7 Survey: Student wellbeing measurement

We understand that being able to answer the question ‘How does a whole-school approach to wellbeing impact a school community?’ is critical to demonstrating the value of wellbeing approaches like Positive Education.

Researchers at IPE have developed the Mi7 Survey – our very own student wellbeing measurement instrument – in close collaboration with Resilient Youth Australia and the Department of Justice and Society (Psychology) at the University of South Australia.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and practical experience supporting schools world-wide to improve student wellbeing, our Mi7 Survey captures the key elements of a flourishing life for young people and reports it as seven related areas of wellbeing:

  • Positive Relationships
  •  Positive Emotions
  •  Positive Health
  •  Positive Engagement
  •  Positive Accomplishment
  •  Positive Purpose
  •  Character Strengths

This survey is being piloted throughout all of our campuses here at GGS, and internationally at schools around the world.

The Mi7 Survey puts in your hands up-to-the-minute data on the wellbeing of your (non-identified) students. We provide you with your own Reporting Portal that gives you access to your school’s survey data, and the tools to generate interactive, on-demand reports that focus on the aspects of student wellbeing that most interest you.

We know that the Mi7 Survey data will assist your school with harnessing the opportunities and addressing the challenges faced in the implementation of a sustainable, evidence-informed, whole-school approach to wellbeing.

If you would like more information about the Mi7 Survey, please view our:

If your school is already using the Mi7 Survey, here are some useful support documents to help you with administering the survey and reviewing your survey data:

For any further information about the Mi7 Survey or other IPE services and resources, please contact us at institute@ggs.vic.edu.au or +61 3 5227 6222.