Discovering Positive Education

Discover, Participate and Experiment as you learn and live Positive Education in our international eight-week online blended learning course.

We are excited to be able to again offer our most popular course. With more opportunities to engage, connect and deepen your learning, this experiential online learning experience builds on the best of our much-loved Discovering Positive Education course.

Delivered online over eight weeks, the Discovering Positive Education will connect you with a cohort of passionate educators who understand that wellbeing is a fundamental skill for learning and growth.

Throughout the course, we will equip you with evidence-based skills and knowledge designed to help you, your students and your family adapt and thrive. The DPE leverages the six evidence-based domains of Positive Education to provide an opportunity for educators to explore foundational and emerging research, progressive educational philosophy, and best-practice application.

This course aims to equip you with skills and knowledge to help optimise your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your students and community.

When you sign up, you can choose to complete the course in one 8-week block, or take the two halves separately

Who is this course for?

Whilst many of our participants are educators from around the world, we welcome anyone associated with a school community to join us. We believe in the importance of the whole-school approach: it is not just teachers who impact the wellbeing of students.

What does this course cover?

The DPE covers the foundational science and principles of Positive Education, as well as the exploring the six evidence-based domains of the IPE Model for Positive Education:

Participants who attend the full 8 weeks and complete an Impact Project will gain a certificate in recognition for their learning.

For more information about the course content, see our FAQs page

How does this course work? 

The DPE combines live and asynchronous learning, allowing you to apply wellbeing strategies and reflect on their impact as you progress through the course. Each week you will:

  • Discover: Access pre-recorded videos from members of our team and related resources exploring a key Positive Education concept (approximately 30 minutes)

  • Participate: Join a live, weekly, online session, where you will meet with fellow educators and our facilitators to deepen your learning and engagement (approximately 60 minutes)

  • Experiment: After your Participate session, you will then engage in a micro project related to the focus topic and then post a reflection online for your cohort to see and comment on (maximum 30 minutes).

At the end of the course, you will submit an Impact Project, which is an opportunity for you reflect on the impact that this course has had on you and/or your community. This deeper reflection and the experience of designing an intentional activity will help you move forward with confidence in applying strategies in your school and other communities.

For more information about the course structure, see our FAQs page 

Course schedule for October 2023

For the first time ever, we have made the option to split the course and give yourself a break between completing the two halves.

When you enroll, you will still enroll in the entire course.

 For more information, see our FAQs page



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