Emotional Self-Regulation Pack (digital download)

Emotional Self-Regulation Pack (digital download)

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This booklet includes a referenced research summary about emotional self-regulation, along with 29 different resources designed for a range of age groups to help support your students' wellbeing. 

The resource is designed to enhance students' ability to recognise and label emotions and scaffold the co-regulation of emotions through hands-on strategies with view to developing students' ability to engage in these practised strategies autonomously or with minimal support.

Research has shown that our ability to self-regulate our emotions has strong ties to academic achievement, positive interpersonal behaviours, good mental health and healthier living practices. Self-regulation also has strong links to resilience.

We hope that the hands-on activities within this resource will be of support for you and your school community. If you have any feedback, or you’d like to suggest ideas for new resources, please contact our team at: .

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