Discovering Positive Education July 2023
Discovering Positive Education July 2023

Discovering Positive Education July 2023

Discover, Participate and Experiment as you learn and live Positive Education in our new international eight-week online blended learning course.

Orientation and introductory materials will be released in the week of July 17, 2023.  Participate sessions commencing the week of July 25, 2023.

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We are excited to be able to again offer our most popular course. With more opportunities to engage, connect and deepen your learning, this experiential online learning experience builds on the best of our much-loved Discovering Positive Education course.

Delivered online over eight weeks, the Discovering Positive Education will connect you with a cohort of passionate educators who understand that wellbeing is a fundamental skill for learning and growth. Throughout the course, we will equip you with evidence-based skills and knowledge designed to help you, your students and your family adapt and thrive.

Led by highly-experienced trainers from the Institute of Positive Education (IPE), DPE leverages the six evidence-based domains of Positive Education to provide an opportunity for educators to explore foundational and emerging research, progressive educational philosophy, and best-practice application. This course aims to equip you with skills and knowledge to help optimise your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your students and community.

Who is this course for?

Whilst most of our participants are educators from around the world, we would love for anyone associated with a school community to join us. We believe in the importance of the whole-school approach - because it is not just teachers who impact the wellbeing of students. We have trained and consulted with over 15,000 educators, school administrators, government employees, educational support staff, school receptionists, cleaners, maintenance people, business managers, tertiary educators, early learning specialists, people in retirement villages...the list is endless.

What does this course cover?

The DPE covers the foundational science and principles of Positive Education, as well as the exploring the six evidence-based domains of the IPE Model for Positive Education:


Week 1

What You Focus On Grows:
Foundational concepts of Character Strengths and Mindfulness

Week 2

Hunting the Good Stuff:
Positive Emotions and Gratitude

Week 3

Whether You Think You Can, Or Think You Can't, You're Right:
Positive Accomplishment and Growth Mindset

Week 4

Other People Matter:
Positive Relationships and Belonging

Week 5

It's Not Only Dead Fish That Go With The Flow:
Positive Engagement and Flow States

Week 6

The Stories We Tell Ourselves:
Positive Health and Resilience

Week 7

The Pale Blue Dot:
Positive Purpose and Caregiving

Week 8

Practice It Forward:
Impact Project and Personal Intention

Participants who attend the required sessions and complete an Impact Project will gain a certificate in recognition for their learning.

For more information about the course content, see our FAQs page

How does this course work? 

The DPE combines live and asynchronous learning, allowing you to apply wellbeing strategies and reflect on their impact as you progress through the course. Each week you will:

  • Discover: Access pre-recorded videos from members of our team and related resources exploring a key Positive Education concept (approximately 30 minutes)

  • Participate: Join a live, weekly, online (Microsoft Teams) cohort collaboration session, where you will meet with fellow educators and our facilitators to deepen your learning and engagement, and plan your weekly Experiment (approximately 60 minutes)

  • Experiment: After your Participate session, you will then have four days to engage in a weekly mini ‘Experiment’ related to the focus topic and then post a reflection online for your cohort to see and comment on (minimum 30 minutes).

At the end of the course, you will submit an Impact Project, which is an opportunity for you reflect on the impact that this course has had on you and/or your community. This deeper reflection and the experience of designing an intentional activity will help you move forward with confidence in applying strategies in your school and other communities.

For more information about the course structure, see our FAQs page 

Course schedule July 2023

When you sign up for the course, you will be asked to nominate a primary cohort for your  Participate session; green or red. While we offer two options, you will only need to attend one session per week. This is designed to give flexibility to participants from all over the world, and to those who may have changing schedules.

The sessions will run at 9.30 am AEST on Tuesday mornings (Green cohort) or 4:00pm AEST on Tuesday afternoons (Red cohort).  Please check here to clarify the appropriate time where you live.

Orientation and introductory materials will be released in the week of July 17, 2023, with Participate sessions commencing the week of July 25, 2023.

Training Team

While our whole team is involved in the design and delivery of DPE, the people you will engage with most are our Training Team. Our Team has extensive experience in Positive Education, having worked in more than 15 different countries and has trained more than 15,000 educators around the world over the last ten years. 

For more information, see our FAQs page

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