Character Strengths Pack with New Poster

Character Strengths Pack with New Poster

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This pack combines a selection of our Character Strengths resources in one convenient bundle*.

Our Character Strengths cards (digital download) are a great resource for students in upper Secondary or for adults. Research shows that activating your strengths in new and different ways can enhance wellbeing. These cards provide hundreds of suggested ways in which to use your strengths every day. This resource provides hundreds of suggested ways in which to use your strengths every day. The activities could be carried out as whole-class, small-group or individual exercises. For example, you could ask students to: 

  • pick an activity from a reduced list of age-appropriate options,
  • select any of the activities based on their character strengths profile, or
  • choose any of the activities for a given character strength.

You can select whether you want to receive a whole school license for the primary or secondary version of these cards, or chose both using the primary + secondary option above. The ‘Whole School’ licence enables every teacher at your school to use this product but does not enable you to share this resource with teachers from another school. The PDF will be stamped with details pertaining to the licence option you have selected. Please enter your school name in the company field during checkout.

The Character Strengths posters feature bright and engaging designs that will brighten any space. Use them to line the walls of a classroom, the halls of a school or to place ‘signature’ strengths or a ‘Character Strength of the week’ on a bedroom wall. Containing student-friendly definitions for every strength and virtue, and unique images, these stunning posters are bound to capture hearts and minds.  A new addition to this range is our A3 poster depicting all 24 strengths on one poster.

Featuring Institute favourite ‘Nic the Stick, our Character Strengths Sticker pack contain 240 stickers that label and depict each Character Strength in a fun and engaging manner. Rather than being used as part of a ‘reward’ system, there are many ways in which these stickers could be employed. We have even designed a free, downloadable PDF containing creative ideas for their use.

Last, but certainly not least, is our Character Strengths Pocketbook. This brand-new book features illustrations for every strength and virtue, student-friendly strengths definitions, as well as suggested books, movies and examples for every Character Strength. We have created ways in which you could action each Character Strength, suitable for a range of ages from 4 years old through to adults. Many of these activities are suitable for both classroom and home environments.

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