Strengths Spotlight #9: Hope

Thanks for joining us for another spotlight on one of your 24 character strengths. We hope to provide a focus for you as you go through your day, and hope to support a specific strength ‘lens’ in your conversations and activities.

Being aware of, spotting and intentionally using character strengths supports wellbeing in individuals, and helps to build and deepen relationships.

Today’s spotlight is on HopeBelow is a summary of key resources and ideas from the podcast.


  • Optimism, future-mindedness, and future orientation
  • Being optimistic and having confidence something can be done to create a brighter future

Hope is a strength which is closely related to other strengths of Transcendence, including Gratitude and Spirituality. These strengths are about connecting to something bigger than ourselves.

What does a focus on Hope look like in your world today? Can you ask the other members of your household to look out for and share examples of hope and optimism?


  • Read a hopeful story book, or watch a Youtube video of someone else reading one.
  • Share excitement with people in your life about things you are looking forward to.
  • Draw a picture of what hope feels like.
  • Write a list of things they feel hopeful for, and identify ways they might achieve these things.
  • Write down something challenging, and some hopeful things about the situation.
  • Identify a previous challenge and how you overcame it.
  • Identify the use of hope and optimism around you.


  1. Children's Book
    Wisp: A Story of Hope, Zara Fraillon
  2. Practice
    Best Possible Self meditation and visualisation exercise
  3. Movie
    Hook (1991)

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