Strengths Spotlight #6: Leadership

Thanks for joining us for our spotlight on one of your 24 character strengths. We hope to provide a focus for you as you go through your day, and hope to support a specific strength ‘lens’ in your conversations and activities.

Being aware of, spotting and intentionally using character strengths supports wellbeing in individuals, and helps to build and deepen relationships.

Today’s spotlight is on LeadershipBelow is a summary of key resources and ideas included.


  • Supporting other people to be their best.
  • Making things happen.

Leadership is a character strength which sits with other strengths of Justice, along with Teamwork and Fairness. These strengths are about interactions between the individual and a group or community, and are the strengths that make life fair.

What does a focus on Leadership look like in your world today? Can you ask the other members of your household to look out for and consider leaders in their communities?


  • For the young people in your life there could be some fun in thinking of animals that are leaders, drawing them and showing why they are good leaders.
  • Try a problem-solving activity, like word games or fun maths puzzles – a good leader is flexible and good at solving problems.
  • Could your young people think about and describe what they could do to be a leader at home, or what are things they can do to help other people succeed?
  • For older kids, which of their other strengths they are using when they are being an effective leader, or when they feel like being a leader is fulfilling?
  • What about describing what they are responsible for in their household, and how they act when they feel they are being relied on to achieve something?
  • Can you consider what your leadership style like at home, or at work? Does one feel more fulfilling to you than the other?


  1. Book
    Start with Why, Simon Sinek
  2. Movie
    Invictus (2009)
  3. Book
    How to Lead When You're Not In Charge, Clay Scroggins

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