Strengths Spotlight #14: Love

Thanks for joining us for another spotlight on one of your 24 character strengths. We hope to provide a focus for you as you go through your day, and hope to support a specific strength ‘lens’ in your conversations and activities.

Being aware of, spotting and intentionally using character strengths supports wellbeing in individuals, and helps to build and deepen relationships.

Today’s spotlight is on Love. Below is a summary of key resources and ideas from the podcast.


  • The Capacity to Love and Be Loved
  • Valuing close relationships while feeling loved and connected to others

Love is a strength which is closely related to the other strengths of Humanity; Kindness and Social Intelligence. These strengths are interpersonal, and help us build and maintain healthy relationships.

What does a focus on Love look like in your world today? Can you ask the other members of your household to look out for and share examples of caring consideration?


  • For younger people, draw a picture of some people they care about? This might include family, friends, school teachers, and more.
  • Make a photo montage of micro moments of love behaviours – this might include the cup of tea someone made for mum, patting the dog, sweeping the floors, as well as hugs and laughter.
  • Trace around your hand and in each finger write the name of someone who supports you.
  • For teens and adults, consider the way you respond to the care of somebody else.
  • Consider the way you provide secure attachment for others.


  1. Book
    Love 2.0, Barbara Fredrickson
  2. Article
    To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This
  3. TED Talk
    The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Love

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