Spotlight: Jacqui Moses & Sean Micelli - Geelong Grammar School Educators

Meet Jacqui Moses and Sean Micelli, educators from Geelong Grammar School, who are passionate about student wellbeing initiatives. In this engaging interview, they share their practical wisdom and experiences, highlighting the importance of a holistic approach to education and the principles of Positive Psychology.

Delving into the challenges faced by students during the pandemic, Jacqui and Sean discuss their adaptive strategies as educators. They emphasise the significance of teaching emotional regulation and social skills to foster emotional literacy and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, they shed light on Project HOPE, an initiative spearheaded by Jacqui in 2022, in response to the pandemic's profound effects on students' optimism and goal-setting. By aligning the GGS community's dialogue and language around hope, Project HOPE creates a shared vision and vocabulary among students and staff, leading to a structured approach to wellbeing.

Expanding on Project HOPE, the interview also highlights the development of a comprehensive scope and sequence focused on Belonging. The concept is broken down into key themes, including Emotional and Psychological Safety, Social Connection, and Inclusive Environment. Jacqui and Sean explain how staff collaboration played a vital role in fostering a united approach to promoting a sense of belonging across the school's primary campuses.

Stakeholder engagement emerges as a prominent theme in this interview. Jacqui and Sean emphasise the value of involving staff members in planning and decision-making processes to establish a collaborative community of practice centred around student wellbeing. They discuss the significance of staff ownership and buy-in across the school's campuses, emphasising the practical benefits of involving staff and presenting wellbeing initiatives in a digestible manner. 

The interview concludes with valuable advice for educators interested in implementing similar approaches. Jacqui and Sean stress the importance of involving staff, breaking down wellbeing themes into manageable sub-themes, using student wellbeing data to inform initiatives, and integrating wellbeing into everyday activities with intentionality.

Don't miss this insightful interview that explores the practical strategies and successes of prioritising student wellbeing in the educational context. We trust that you will find Jacqui and Sean's experiences inspirational as you continue to embark on your journey of integrating wellbeing into your own educational setting.

Watch the full video interview (36 minutes) below. 

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