Strengths Spotlight #13: Fairness

Thanks for joining us for another spotlight on one of your 24 character strengths. We hope to provide a focus for you as you go through your day, and hope to support a specific strength ‘lens’ in your conversations and activities.

Being aware of, spotting and intentionally using character strengths supports wellbeing in individuals, and helps to build and deepen relationships.

Today’s spotlight is on Fairness. Below is a summary of key resources and ideas from the podcast.


  • Respecting and looking out for all people and giving everyone a fair chance

Fairness is a strength which is closely related to other strengths of Justice, like Teamwork and Leadership. These strengths are about how individuals contribute to a community.

What does a focus on Fairness look like in your world today? Can you ask the other members of your household to look out for and share examples of fairness?


  • For younger kids, sharing and taking turns can be a great way to talk about fairness. Games where people take it in turns to be in charge, like following the leader, could be fun.
  • Watch a movie or read a book that talks about fair and unfair things. To Kill a Mockingbird might even be on your high school booklist already!
  • For teenagers, consider how people are being included, particularly if you are transitioning back to in-person learning. How can they be a beacon of fairness in their peer group?
  • Have a conversation with older kids about things that feel unfair, and what that feels like. Are there things they can do to help make a situation more fair?
  • Spot fairness in action: consider how communities and businesses are using their strength of fairness to enable greater wellbeing of the people around them.


  1. Article
    Are Video Calls Good for Equality?
  2. Book
    What to Do When It's Not Fair: A Kid's Guide to Handling Envy and Jealousy, Jacqueline Toner &  Clare Freeland
  3. TED Talk
    Moral Behaviour in Animals, Frans de Waal

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