Spotlight: Kane Felsinger - Founder of The Positive Mentor Program

Meet Kane Felsinger, a secondary school teacher who found himself burnt out after working long hours during the pandemic. Seeking a solution, he enrolled in our Discovering Positive Education course. In this video interview, Kane shares his journey of how he discovered positive education and wellbeing principles, and developed his own program, The Positive Mentor Program, to help disengaged students reignite their passion for learning. 

Kane's program is a one-on-one mentoring program that uses the VIA character strengths to help students discover their unique strengths, set goals, and figure out who they want to be. Kane believes in the value of getting to know students on a personal level and helping them understand both their strengths and values. His approach is unique in that it is personalised and tailored to each individual student's needs and goals. 

In the interview, Kane also talks about the power of the Dramatic Arts in improving communication skills and understanding the perspective of others. He believes that self-reflection and self-awareness are important skills for personal growth and success, and he is passionate about helping students develop these skills through drama training and positive education strategies. 

Kane's story is an inspiration for educators who want to make a positive impact on their students' lives. He encourages educators to try out positive education and wellbeing principles in their own world, even if they are initially dismissive of it. Kane's journey with The Positive Mentor Program serves as a reminder that, with passion and purpose, we can transform education for the better. 

You can watch the full video interview (25 minutes) with Kane below. 

If you want to learn more about Kane's Positive Mentor Program, be sure to check out his website at And for more inspiring stories like Kane's, stay tuned to The Institute of Positive Education's Community of Practice. 


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